A Heartwarming story that reminds us what’s important

Perspective — we all need it

by Dr. Zach


Every now and then something happens that makes us stop and remember what’s important.  We get so caught up in our everyday stresses that it is easy to get lost in them.

Not infrequently kids see things more clearly than us and say things that are so simple and true that they give us pause.


Every day I see people who are grappling with illness, not infrequently deadly ones, or serious accidents that change lives.  It reminds me not to complain about unimportant problems. But all of us still do.


About a year ago a dad I know posted a photo of his daughter Charlotte’s Thanksgiving note in which she wrote what she was thankful for.  It is a beautiful note — sweet, innocent, and clear.  In it she wrote “I’m thankful that I didn’t die in my mother’s stomach.  I’m thankful that Madeleine’s dad saved my life and my mother’s life.” Madeleine is my daughter, Charlotte’s best friend.  At about the same time Madeleine was asked to write who her hero is — she chose Charlotte, of course.


I had known Charlotte and her parents for a few years, since the girls became friends in grade school.  But it had never clicked before who she was, and our connection. I’ll be honest that I’m not sure I deserve all of the credit she gave me.  I’m sure any emerg doc would have done the same. But the fact that she wrote this really moved me as not much does anymore. Seeing so much illness is somewhat dulling, but every now and then I feel it.


This young person has the clarity to be thankful for what really matters, her health, her family, and her friends.  My daughter and her have a sweet, pure friendship. They are there for each other. If I had anything to do with that I am very thankful.


Happy holidays everyone.  I hope you spend it healthy and happy, with the people you love.